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othing could be said about our museum without first recognizing the efforts of our founder Herb Bramley.  Herb started his career with the Long Beach Fire Department on April 1, 1946 and early on he had the vision to someday preserve the rich history of the Long Beach Fire Department in a place for firefighters and the public to visit.  Herb has always had a high degree of dedication and has been involved with the Long Beach Fire Department in several capacities: as a firefighter, Credit Union founder/manager, and as the founder of our museum.  The Long beach Fire Department was first formed in 1897 making the department 110 years old.  Herb Bramley has been an important part of the Long Beach Fire Department history for over 60 years and still makes VERY important contributions today. 

The mission of our museum is to collect, preserve, and display the deeply rich history of the Long Beach Fire Department.  Our collection has grown over time from little more than an idea and one old fire truck to a collection that can show the evolution of fire fighting in the City of Long Beach and the fire service.   Early in American history there was no organized fire protection; the only form of fire protection were leather buckets that every home was required “by law” to have.   Our collection begins with these buckets and transitions to equipment for carrying tools, hoses, and ladders that were pulled by volunteer firemen running through the streets of Long Beach.  Next we show two examples of horse drawn apparatus that very closely resembles the first two horse drawn apparatus that the Long Beach Fire Department purchased in 1906.  We have our 1907 Amoskeag Steam engine displayed so we can demonstrate how the machinery of the steam engine works without building a fire in the boiler.  We have managed to add to the collection over the years to include 10 vehicles used by the Long Beach Fire Department from a 1901 hand pulled hose cart to a 1965 Mack fire truck; and 5 apparatus that match ones the Long Beach Fire Department once used. 

The museum is completely staffed by dedicated volunteers who come from all walks of life; students, civilian, retired civilians, and retired Long Beach firefighters. We have tracked our volunteer hours over the past few years and recently logged over 600 hours for December of 2006. We feel that it is important to get out into the community; we do this by taking apparatus to community events like safety fairs, school carnivals, fire department static displays, and driving in local parades.  Our museum is very proud that schools, summer youth programs and the YMCA have sent field trips to visit us.  Memorial Hospital and the Veterans Administration Hospital have also sent patients for recreation field trips.  Over the years the museum has had nothing less than complete support from every Fire Chief, administration, and both the civilian and safety members of the department.   When the museum was still young we started a program to raise funds by recycling aluminum cans and with your help this has grown to become a significant source of revenue for us; payroll deduction has also grown into a good source of income   In short the success of the museum has some to do with the volunteer staff and mostly to do with all the support that we receive from everyone.  From the staff we say thank you.

Museum Board
of Directors:

Glen Goodrich,

Milo Brown,

Mike Kenney

Herb Bramley,